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Depleted Uranium is the New Salting the Earth

Legend has it that when Rome destroyed Carthage around 150 BC, they burned it to the ground and salted the earth to prevent it from every growing food again.

I say “legend” because when Googling it, the facts seem to be in dispute among modern scholars, citing the lack of historical references for the actions taken by the Romans, although they say there is evidence for the Romans plowing a furrow around the city as a symbolic action, and for various other religious rituals performed there.

Upon inquiry the actual action of salt in the soil as to the quantity that prevents growth and whether it was feasible to apply such a quantity is also questioned… but legend or not, it is a compelling image: the victors destroying not only the extant city, but also all chances for life and regrowth on that land, forever.

Now, 4.468 billion years is not exactly “forever,” but for human purposes, it may as well be. American troops using depleted uranium rounds is exactly the equivalent, albeit a futuristic and much more sinister equivalent, of salting the earth.

Obviously the preservation of the moral order demands that this stop immediately.